Natural Exterior Cleaning

About Us

OutCide Environmental Services Limited is an exterior cleaning company based in Headford, County Galway, which provides cost-effective and ecologically safe cleaning solutions throughout Galway and County Mayo.

Owned and operated by Seamus Staunton, OutCide offers a range of cleaning services to refresh and rejuvenate the exterior of your house and garage, for roofs, walls, gutters, fascias, windows, footpaths, driveways and patios.

OutCide removes and treats unwanted biological growth like moss, lichens, red and green algae, using tested and safely applied biocide chemicals, without causing damage to your roof and hard surfaces, or any harm to the environment. Biocide soft wash treatment is a modern, effective and long lasting alternative to the abrasive results previously caused by high pressure jet and power washing.

Services offered include;

  • Soft wash roof and wall cleaning using biocide chemicals with high reach pole & brush systems.
  • Hot pure water window, frame and uPVC fascia cleaning using the latest water-fed pole system.
  • Gutter and valley cleaning using our wet and dry vacuum system.
  • Driveway and footpath cleaning with our Mosmatic surface cleaner and wet vacuum.
  • Weed and biological growth treatment using our powered sprayer for herbicide application.
Seamus Staunton with OutCide's large range of exterior cleaning equipment.

Before we commence work OutCide will provide a free survey of your property with a no obligation quotation. All work is fully insured and undertaken only when agreed by the householder.