Natural Exterior Cleaning

Windows & uPVC

OutCide's hot pure water window and uPVC cleaning system is suitable for all types of windows, porches, conservatories, decorative glass, glazed and patio doors, including uPVC, aluminium and painted wooden frames.

We clean your windows using heated pure water applied with a soft monofilament brush on a telescopic pole. The heated water dislodges and absorbs large amounts of dirt and green algae from the glass and frames, which is then rinsed away and allowed to dry naturally with instant results.

As well as a spotless and streak-free finish, because no chemical detergents are used in the process, no sticky residue is left behind to attract dirt. Windows will stay cleaner for longer than with traditional 'soap and water' cleaning at a similar comparative cost.

The water used in the cleaning process is specially softened, filtered and polished to remove any chemicals and dissolved solids, and then heated using our state of the art vehicle mounted equipment. The water is then fed through our long reach carbon fibre pole system, which allows us to clean high level and difficult to access windows and conservatory roofs safely from the ground.

For more information or a free survey of window cleaning for your house in Galway or Mayo, please contact Seamus Staunton on 086 820 4711 or email We will be happy to provide a competitive, no obligation quote for one-off or routine window cleaning services.

Treatment targets:-

  • Dirt
  • Green Algae
OutCide's pure water window cleaning system.